The advent of the Internet and the abundance of medical information available to patients have changed the way patients seek care. Couple this with the massive changes and confusion regarding insurance and the competitive medical landscape and we notice a trend occurring where patients are visiting their primary care providers as well as various specialists. They are obtaining diagnostic exams from these multiple providers and often there is a lack of communication between these various entities regarding these diagnostic studies. Patients frequently make incorrect assumptions about their examinations, results and their continuity of care.

While the Program does not address all these issues, its primary purpose is through an organized system to decrease the likelihood of a delayed or missed breast cancer diagnosis. Radiologists, surgeons, medical and radiation oncologists along with plastic reconstruction surgeons are in a perfect position to create a beneficial and much needed program for women in our community. These experts have all the tools and ability within their grasp to create and operate a Comprehensive Breast Health Program that will advance the respect, confidence and loyalty of patients.

The experts all agree to strive for the highest standard of breast care, adopting NCCN and Consensus Conference Guidelines as well as a willingness to work with the Program to modify or change as needed.



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