The Program is an organized system of breast health consisting of an interdisciplinary team of experts who provide diagnostic care, treatment and follow up based on national standards of care.

The purpose of the Program is to ensure that all women with breast disease receive quality care. Through the processes set up in the Program, women can expect to optimize their results for prognosis, physical and cosmetic outcomes and even emotional stability.

An abnormal mammogram can strike fear in the heart of every woman.

Thrown into scary and unfamiliar territory, some women become anxious and confused. This often leads to additional imaging, surgery and treatments resulting in many different visits often without clear communication between the patient and the medical professional.

The priority of the Program is to develop an organized system of care decreasing the likelihood of a delayed or a missed cancer diagnosis.

Typically, breast imaging is the port of entry and the most visible and frequent procedure performed in a breast center.

The more women with access to mammography, the earlier breast cancer will be detected.

A multidisciplinary approach to care is facilitated by a certified breast patient navigator maintaining the lines of communication between the experts and the patient. The navigator’s focus is on the patient, educating her about breast care, providing her with information, introducing her to the breast care experts and helping her navigate through the organized system of care known as, The Program.

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