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St. Joseph’s Imaging is “All About You”. With eight out-patient imaging centers as well as several free standing digital mammography units, women have convenient access to their annual mammogram.

Radiology is the port of entry into the Program. The more accessible mammography is the earlier breast cancer will be detected. St. Joseph’s Imaging was the first radiology practice to introduce Full Field Digital mammography to Central New York. They actually had six units installed before one of their competitors purchased a unit. Digital mammography has been proven to be more effective in the diagnosis of breast cancer especially in women with dense breast tissue. Women can chose where they have their mammogram and for a significant period of time, St. Joseph’s Imaging was the only group in town offering the superior quality of digital mammography.

Ultrasound has become an important tool for evaluating breast abnormalities, including inflammatory processes, hematomas, ductal ectasia, cysts and solid lesions. Advances in transducer technology have facilitated development of ultrasound scanners with high resolution providing higher definition of tissues in the breast. With this in mind and in lieu of the importance of ultrasound in breast imaging, St. Joseph’s Imaging has invested in the latest and greatest technology presently available in this growing field of medicine.

General Electric’s Logic-9 has the ability to scan side by side with digital mammography. The higher definition obtained with its new transducers, paired with its new techniques for scanning and image evaluation, have made ultrasound of the breast a more valuable tool for detecting, diagnosing and even treating breast cancer and other pathologic processes of the breast. Logic-9 is built on the industry’s most advanced system architecture, TruScan. TruScan architecture enables the Logic-9 to store raw image data early in the imaging chain for optimum flexibility during post processing and analysis. With access to raw image data, we can reconstruct images using a variety of techniques. This software driven technology provides unprecedented image quality and functionality.

With the introduction of Molecular Breast Imaging, once again, St. Joseph’s Imaging took the lead in the community introducing the “gammagram”. This new technology, while still in its infancy, is particularly valuable in finding lesions in women when mammography alone is not sufficient. There are four specific reasons a radiologist may recommend the “gammagram”. They are women with dense fibroglandular tissue, implants, or pre and post surgical patients. Keep an eye on this technology, molecular imaging and treatment options are the vision of the future.

St. Joseph’s Imaging is “All About You”. With eight outpatient imaging centers as well as several free standing digital mammography units, women have convenient access to their annual mammogram. Most of the time, the examination is normal. However, if there is a positive finding, the patient will have the option of entering the program, meeting with the breast navigator and working with the group of experts selected to ensure that every women in the program receive quality care. The quality begins with medical imaging and here, reading almost 50,000 mammograms a year, St. Joseph’s Imaging is the true leader and expert in mammography for all of Central New York.

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